Upcycle 3 Tshirts into a 3 Tiered Skirt

Miss S had outgrown some tshirts, one of which was a very loved and much used but totally unthrowawayable Barbie tshirt. It was a struggle getting this one off her, and I knew that I just had to upcycle it somehow.

Old tshirts

Searching on the net, I came across one of my favourite blogs, which had an awesome tutorial for a Basic 3 Tiered Skirt. Having never done a ruffle type thingy before (it’s called gathering, I’ve learned), I thought this sounded awesome!

Following the instructions was simple. First step, cutting the bits out.

My cut 3 pieces of tshirts

This is what I cut out to fit Miss S (a normal sized 4 year old)
Tier 1 = 13 x 76 cm
Tier 2 = 11.5 x 102 cm
Tier 3 = 13 x 137 cm

Then sewing tier 3 and 2 together. It was fun learning to gather! I used a basting stitch (man, I’m sounding like I know what I’m talking about!) around the top of tier 3, and gathered it together, and then sewed it to tier 2.

Tier 3 and 2 sewed together

Note, I managed to get the Barbie in the skirt! Miss S will be thrilled!

Next I did a basting stitch around the top of tier 2 and sewed it to tier 1. Added elastic in the waist of tier 1, and done! Literally as simply as that!

The finished product

I have to say that this tutorial is just so simple and easy, even for me, as a beginner! I’d highly recommend it. It took me about an hour, including reading my manual to figure out how to change the stitch length *giggle and blush*

And the finished skirt, the smile was all worth it 🙂 She just had to wear it to kindy today.

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