The "I’m-too-fat" Diet Day 4

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Following the diet, today was day 4.

Day 4
Eat SOUP all day and 3 BANANAS. 1 GLASS OF SKIM MILK. Nothing else.

MMMmmm bananas. Um no. I don’t like bananas. Rough day today, eating them anyway. Ended up having some chippies. Sigh. Tomorrow is a better day, finally some chicken, which I admit I am hanging out for now! I can do this!!

Day 1 started at 83.3kg.
Day 2 started at 82.6kg.
Day 3 started at 81.8kg.
Day 4 started at 81.8kg.
Day 5 starts at 81.9kg.

That’s a loss after 3 days of 1.3kg.