Service Review: Muller Law

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I went in the other day, to Muller Law and asked them to witness my signing of an affidavit for a Joint Application for Order Dissolving a Marriage or Civil Union.
They also copied and signed for me a true and correct copy of the marriage, that had to be attached.
Obviously, I paid for this service.

The original that I gave to them, was the one signed on the marriage day, by the groom and myself. This is titled at the top “Copy of Particulars of Marriage”.

This is not the one that needs to be attached to the dissolution order, it is the “Marriage Certificate”.
Births, Deaths and Marriages said that the company (Muller Law) should have been aware of this, as it is a legal requirement by New Zealand law, and never should have accepted it as a certified copy.

As this was done incorrectly by them, I now have to get it resigned again, providing the correct documentation. Which of course means I have to pay again.

I informed Muller Law about this, and had no response from them at all. No refund, no apology, not even a response.

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