Scavenger Hunt – But With A Twist!

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Set up a game for the kids to play last night as it was Games Night.

It was like a scavenger hunt, but with a twist!

I wrote out a secret list of 10 objects outside, and 10 objects inside. These were easy to find objects. Not hidden, that I could see quite clearly.

I then announced something like, “It’s coloured blue”, “It’s shaped like a circle”, or, “it begins with C” – this could of course be changed depending on age groups, you could make it harder, “it contains the letter I” or something.

They then had one minute to each find something that matched what I was looking for. When everyone found something, I would give a point to whoever found it, or we’d look again if no one had found it.
We did two rounds of the game, one outside, and one inside. We tallied the points, and laughed and had fun!