Review: Eliza’s Dream

I was excited to come across an Etsy shop in my travels on the wild, wild, web called Eliza’s Dream. The shop is run by a lovely woman, by the name of Karyn.

She makes the most beautiful cards, and bookmarks, lovingly handcrafted! I received a whimsical set made by her, called Romantic Fairy Tale Bookmarks.

The bookmarks are printed on ivory-coloured slightly textured cardstock. They are laminated in a matt laminate covering to protect and enhance the images. And finally, they are finished with a satin ribbon or a gold cord.

They measure approximately 18 x 4 cm.
They come to you in an ivory cardstock sleeve, which is also hand-cut and hand-folded (you can see it in the picture below).
The cards are clearly well made, they feel nice to the touch, and just look oh so pretty in my book! This is an item that I would happily give to someone as a present, it is clear they are a wonderfully made gift! She has a great range of items, and I’ve heard tell that Karyn is going to be extended her range soon too! So keep an eye out for more neat items by Eliza’s Dream!

I have emailed Karyn several times now, and am so impressed by her friendly manner, and by the eloquent way she expresses herself. She just makes you want to read more!

I asked her for a blurb about herself, and was so interested by what she had written, I’ve decided to literally copy and paste it, it tells you all you need to know about her personality!

I have taken a long and circuitous route to the place where I am now. I spent many years at university – collecting degrees. I have a BA in English literature and music, and a Masters and a PhD in psychology. Academia, however, was never really me. I was there for all sorts of reasons that had more to do with others’ expectations than my own hopes and dreams. When I had my daughter in my late 30s I finally decided that I could take the time to come home to myself. I auditioned for the local opera chorus (and much to my surprise I actually got in), I got back into my photography (I had done a Diploma in Professional Photography during my late 20s) and I started making photo and photocollage cards for friends and family. The people I gave the cards to loved them and encouraged me to take it further. At the beginning of this year I set up my Etsy shop – which has been a huge learning curve – and heaps of fun.

My fledgling creative business was seriously derailed on February 22nd when we had a big earthquake here in Christchurch. I, like everyone else here, was in total shock for months. And business-wise a lot of the local shops I was planning on placing my cards in had (quite literally) fallen down. Finally, however, I approached a local shop that was actually still standing and luckily for me the proprietor loved my work and made a big order. I have recently also placed my cards with Cosi Fan Tutte (a gorgeous shop here in Christchurch – there’s also a branch in Devonport, Auckland) which I have always loved so that was a big thrill.

I am now in my mid-forties (my daughter is six years old already) and I’m wishing I allowed myself to be who I was 10 years earlier – and yet thanking my lucky stars that I have finally come home. Better late than never.

Karyn’s shop, Eliza’s Dream is located at Etsy. You can contact her by email.  She also has a blog. I want to point out an interesting page in her blog, about why her shop is called Eliza’s Dream.

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