Climbing The Mountain (The Washing Mountain!)

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As a mum of 5 kids, 1 man, and a cat, there is washing. When I say there is washing, I mean W-A-S-H-I-N-G!
Piles of the damn stuff. It’s one of those chores that if I don’t keep on top of, it’s on top of me. Literally.

So here’s a few tips.

  • Have 2 baskets: I have 2 baskets, I keep one upstairs in the bathroom, and that basket is for clothes. Makes it easy for people to put their clothes in there when they get changed. The second basket is kept in the laundry, and that is for sheets, towels, that kind of thing. The clothes basket is my focus. I only touch the 2nd basket when I have finished the clothing basket.
  • Daily loads: I try and do at least one load a day, this means that the important stuff is always done, school uniforms, shirts for work, things like that.
  • Accidents: If a child has an accident, they put their knickers into a plastic bag and then puts them on top of the washing machine. This means I know to soak them. Makes it easy from my sorting point of view.
  • Small hands make light work: The kids, even the youngest, puts their clothes away. I simply sort the washing out into the doorways of their rooms. Their job is to ensure it’s put away properly every day. I do random checks.
  • The Sock Game: I have 2 bags of socks, one is sorted into pairs, and the other is single socks. I put the socks into the single sock bag, and every so often we tip it out into the middle of the lounge floor and have a family race to see who can do the most pairs. It’s a great game.

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