I’m A Fraud!

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The phone call went something like this:

In hushed undertones “So when shall I drop it off?”


“so where shall we do the pick up?”


“what time do i meet you at the secret location?”

I managed to surprise the eldest, M, and organised with her best friends parents for her to go with them for a swim, and then stay the night. When she found out what I’d organised, I became the bestest Mama in the world 🙂

However, the idea of ringing someone’s parents and organising for my child to go and stay? It wasn’t my job, that was a mum’s job!
It was almost like I slipped back into my childhood, memories of things like that being organised, but it was my mum doing the organising. It seemed really odd that suddenly I was old enough to be organising that kind of thing for my kids? Hang on, when did I grow up? When did I suddenly become the responsible adult?
Hang on! I haven’t finished growing up!?

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