If I could meet any blogger it would be…

Lori from

Lori states it all for you in her ‘about her’ page. She says

And this place- RRSAHM- is still very much my bloody blog. Like it, or hate it… this is my truth. And I write what I like.

Lori is funny. Lori is rude. Lori is a mum, with two kids, and a past. Just like all of us. Only her past makes her one strong mother-.. 🙂

If I met her I would give her a hug, and ask if she needed a tea and cake. She is an impressive woman, who constantly inspires me.

You can see Lori’s blog here. Or follow her on Facebook.  And she’s even on Twitter.

I just want to state that this post was all my own, no money or anything else changed hands, I don’t even think she knows I exist, but I just love reading her blog.

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