Feeling Sorry For Myself

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I usually try to keep this blog upbeat, and positive. Our lives generally are, so I feel it’s good to express that.

However today is another story. I’m feeling sorry for myself, so I’m going to complain. Feel free to ignore this post if you don’t want to hear bitching.

It all started 2 days ago. Mr S had been out and sprayed the grounds to clear the BBQ area and so forth. The great weather we’re coming across now means it’s a good time to clear the grounds. So he warned me he had, and said the steps were slippery.
So I head out not long after to hang out some washing. And sure enough, even though he’s warned me, and I’m aware of it, I slip, holding a full basket of clean washing. Right over on my left ankle. Ow! It swelled up, and hurts every movement, and weight bearing is just awful.
We did ice, elevation, medication, voltaren emulgel, anything to help.

So then yesterday I wake up, and limp downstairs. I’d been up for about 10 mins, and suddenly this rash appeared all over my arms and legs. I was unbelievably itchy. I had a shower to try and help, and coated myself in cream to stop itching. That didn’t help, so had a cool bath with detergent in the water, and that helped. The rash is red all over my arms and legs, and still itchy.

So today. Sigh. Limped downstairs, ankle is still sore. Legs are still itchy. It’s the end of school holidays, and they’re all back at school and kindy, so we get ready, and I drop them off. And walking back from kindy, i trip. Bracing my left sore ankle, I hurt my right knee, and elbow and wrist. God, honestly. They are swollen and I can barely walk.

So yes, today I’m sitting with my ankle on one leg up on a pillow, and one knee up on a pillow, and generally feeling sorry for myself.

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