Is it possible to know someone too well?

Is it possible to know someone too well? If that’s true, why do we typically have the goal of always trying to get to know people better?

Yes, I believe this is entirely possible.  I think you have an image of someone in your mind, and sometimes often it is possible to get to know them too well. Your image of them is then destroyed, and you can never get that image back.
I think often you have unrealistic ideas about what someone should be like, and as you get to know them, these ideas are dashed, and you then are left with an empty shell of what you thought that person was, or could be. Your relationship with that person will never be the same again.
I think we always try to know someone well, as that makes us feel special, that that person opened up to us, was honest with us, and showed us more than they did someone else.

Idea from DailyPost