Week In The Life 2011 : Tuesday

One of those normal days again.

Got up, kids dressed, fed, off to school, drop off M, then Master D, K and N at their school, then Miss S to kindy.

Then some time to me. Washing, dishwasher, floor swept, feed cat, tidy lounge and kitchen, make beds, dryer on, and then sit down and do some work on the computer.

Pick up time for Miss S, and shower for her as she’s coated in paint and other stuff.
Lunch and then supermarket time.
Melt down from Miss S, so I take her home for a nap.

School time, during a storm of course, pick up Master D, K and N, and then M from her school.

When we get home, Mr S is home and the smell of freshly baked cookies fills our noses. Hot chocolate and a bikkie scoff ensues.

I take M to her counseling tonight, and sit and wait for her, crocheting.

Afterwards we go to the supermarket, and then home. I make homemade pizzas, from pita breads, with chicken, capsicum, tomatoe, tomatoe paste, and cheese. Kids love those. And we let them sit in front of the tv in their blankets to eat them, something we don’t often do.

Bed time at last for kids. And ARGH one of those nights, Mr S and I end up disagreeing, and I head off to have a bath.

Bed time finally for me. Long day.

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