Recipe: Yorkshire Puddings

It seems that a few people wanted to know how to make these. It’s really not that hard 🙂

You will need:
4 Eggs
Around 1c Milk
1-1/2 – 2-1/4c Flour
1/4t Salt
Around 1T oil
1. Break four eggs into a measuring jug
2. Check the volume of the eggs (if they are too noisy tell them off)
3. Add the same amount of milk – for me this is normally 250 – 300ml
4. Add a little salt to taste
5. Mix thoroughly
6. Sift 1-1/2 cups of flour into the mix mixing thoroughly after each 1/2 cup
7. If needed keep adding small amounts of flour until the mixture is thick but not doughy
8. Mix until there are no lumps and the mix is well aerated
9. Leave the mixture to rest for at least 30 minutes

10. Pre-heat oven to 230°C
11. Mix the mixture to ensure it is consistent and well aerated. Add a tablespoon of water if needed
11. In a 12 cup muffin tray add a pea sized drop of oil to the bottom of each cup
12. Put the tray into the oven and leave in until the oil is very hot
13. Take the tray out, act quickly and keep the oven closed to maintain heat
14. Pour the mixture evenly into the muffin tray cups
15. Return the tray to the oven
16. When they are golden and fully risen remove from oven

17. Run a bread knife around the outside of each cup and remove the yorkshire puddings

18. Serve hot with gravy 🙂

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