Pajama Day

Yesterday we had a Pajama Day.

I’ve never had one before, that I remember, and it seemed like a great idea.

We didn’t wake up until late, 10am maybe? What an awesome sleep in. Mr S got up, and made us crumpets and a coffee for breakky. After eating, he went off and had a shower. His neck and back were really sore, and I suggested the warm water might help.

We lay down afterwards, and talked for ages, before falling asleep again. After waking, I got up and had my shower. After getting out and dry, Mr S brushed my hair for me, before I fell asleep leaning against him. Aww was so romantic.

We had dinner really late for us, maybe 9pmish? Dinners that Mr S had made the week before, and frozen. Really yummy spag bol. Cept it was on Fetticine. But fett bol just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

We fell asleep again, and before you know it, it was almost lunch time today!

It really was an awesome day. Did so little, and achieved so much.