I got a job!

Back on Day 18 Plans for the future I wrote that I would love a part time job.

I had been having real trouble finding anything. Mostly because who wants someone with 5 kids?

Anyway, finally got some volunteer work, yes even finding that was hard!, but I’m really enjoying it, and best bit, I can do it from home, and when suits me to do it.


Mrs K

Coke Zero addict, knitter, crocheter, fat, fabulous, fluffy mama.

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3 Responses

  1. The Mama Bird says:

    Great! That sounds l like a good gig to have.

  2. Rachel Kate says:

    Hiya 🙂 THanks for commenting on my blog! We are all a part of this website… kiwimummyblogs.co.nz/ and if you email Leonie she can pop you on the mailing list for future get togethers!!

  3. Ms Numbers says:

    That's weird, I am a member of that site! I even have the button on my website!!! I must not be on the mailing list though.