20 mins!

My first run for May and oh what a run!!!

I was terrified. According to the plan, I was now up to a 5 min warm up, followed by a 20 min run. Nah uh. No way. Longest I’d run in a stretch before was my last run, only 8 mins. There was nada way I was able to do this.

So off I set. I knew I could do the 5 min warm up after all 🙂

Running time, and away I went at my usual pace of slower than a slow turtle. A few mins past, and my legs were tight. 10 mins in and I thought I couldn’t do it. I was pacing myself by looking at the next lamppost and all I had to do was get there, and then I’d look at the next one. Then suddenly about 12 mins in, and everything felt great. No tight muscles, no soreness, no cramps, nothing. It was like I had JUST started running. It was amazing. So freeing.

I am SO proud of myself for getting this far.


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