Master D’s 6th Birthday Party

Master D had an awesome time at his birthday. He invited 10 friends, and they came, some with parents and siblings, so we had like 25 kids here!

We played the flour game. A pile of flour with a lollie on top, and taking turns, you ‘cut’ the flour away from the lollie. Whoever makes the lollie fall, has to eat the lollie using their mouth, and no hands! Lots of fun 🙂

Then we played the chocolate dice game. You sit in a circle and take turns throwing a dice. If you roll a 6 then you have to get dressed up, in a skirt, top, cowboy hat and white gloves, and then cut up a block of chocolate using a knife and fork! Kids loved that one.

Then we played the donut game. We had donuts tied with string on the washing line, and using no hands you have to eat the donut 🙂 We gave a prize to the winner.

Last game was pass the parcel. Kids had great fun 🙂

And finally we had cake 🙂 Introducing the dirt cake, complete with worms and diggers 🙂 He loved it.

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