Service Review: Kashmir Indian Restaurant, Milford, Auckland

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Kashmir Indian Restaurant – Milford

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Kashmir is one of the worst restaurant’s I can remember going to.

It was obnoxiously loud and the room was really hot. We were seated at a long table and it was hard to hear the people right next to you, people at the other end of the table had no chance.

We went in a group of 15. The wait staff were pushy, impatient and rude. We arrived and the wait staff started pushing us to order. We explained we would wait for the rest of our group which met with disdainful looks and rolled eyes. We were asked at least four times if we were ready to order in less than 10 minutes, at least two times were after saying we weren’t all there and before anyone else arriving.

When they did take our orders they were again pushy and rude as if they didn’t have time to waste listening to what we wanted. After our orders were taken, the waitress stood at the end of the table and stated that she was going to check our orders, she began ‘four butter chickens, two mild two medium’ and it took three peoples attempts to explain before she would acknowledge that there was no way that we would know if she was right or not from such a list.

A while later she brought out the drinks. She had no idea who’s drink was who’s and proceeded to shout to the table asking.

Some time later the food was brought out. Not only did she have no idea who’s was who’s she also had no idea what dish was which. It took several minutes of her shouting to figure out what dish was what and whos dish was whos. At one point she grabbed a fork and played with a dish that she had placed in front of one of us, trying to determine what it was.

The food itself was very good, as you would expect from a good Indian restaurant, though by the time we were served the naan bread was cold. In my opinion the food was not good enough to make up for the uncomfortable heat and noise and definitely not good enough to excuse the rude and incompetent waitress.

I wouldn’t pay to go back, and I’d have to really like the company to go for a free meal there.

If you are thinking of going, don’t.

Stars out of 10