Doggy got poisoned

Last night about 5.30 we’re having dinner. Doggy had been fine, playing with kids in back yard running around like normal.

He fell asleep under the table – not like him, but just assumed he was tired from playing with the kids.

He suddenly stood up and pooed – almost like it was a surprise, he didn’t know it was coming. Still didn’t really think anything of it.

Started to get kids ready for bed, and saw him sitting by my bed – his normal place – and his head was shaking funny. I went over to him, and he just sat there. When i picked him up he just flopped, threw up all over me, then he started shaking. I knew something wasn’t right. I rang the vet and we took him straight in.

He had blood tests, his blood sugar was low, he threw up all over their floor, and they put him on a drip, and heated him up.

Then i took him over to the after hours vets, who had him during the night.

Thanks to their hard work, he survived the night, and is now back with us at home.

This was the first vet who cared for him fantastic service and really on to it. Dealt with him straight away – really happy with their care. They even rang this morning to see how he was!

This was the after hours vet who had him during the night great service and again, very friendly and caring.

We are just so grateful to them.