Movie Review: Braindead – Directed by Peter Jackson

Title of Movie


Director of Movie

Peter Jackson

Actors in Movie

Timothy Balme, Diana Peñalver

Plot Summary

In 1957, a zoologist traps a rare Sumatran rat-monkey on Skull Island and brings it back to New Zealand with the locals hot on his trail. Later, a young man falls in love and takes the young woman to the zoo. His overbearing and disapproving mother follows them and gets bitten by the rat-monkey. The monkey’s bite turns her into a zombie, and her doting son has to keep her and the others she’s bitten tranquilized in the basement while trying to preserve his love life.

Your Review

Paquita Maria Sanchez: Your mother ate my dog!
Lionel Cosgrove: Not all of it.

This movie has everything you could want, zombies, a rat monkey, sex, gore, an annoying mother, a really cool and graphic lawn mower scene.

One of the best zombie comedy splatstick horror film ever made!

Note: This movie was release as Dead Alive in America.

Stars out of 10