Last few days at the hospital

The kids dad rang me at 3 yesterday – Missy shut the door on Master D’s finger – chopping the top off!

I dropped everything and ran. Got to the A&E, and we went through to the xray centre. They told us that the bone wasn’t involved that it was just the tissue, so we could leave it to heal like that if we wanted, it would just look funny his whole life, and have no feeling, or we could take him to Starship to be stitched properly.

So off to Starship – 5pm by now. Called mum to come and get Missy. 6pm she’s gone with mum.

11pm and we finally had another set of xrays done, and confirmed that he would need to go under a general, so had to be done in the morning. So his dad stayed the night with him, I headed home.

7.30am back at the hospital, and started our long day.

Master D was taken through and 1 hour 15 mins later finally out – scariest time of my life, so scared something would go wrong.

Anyway – now he’s got a fist cast on his hand for about 10 days.

My big brave boy.