Leaving him at kindy

Master D started kindy yesterday and I was so worried about it.

I really shouldn’t have!

We turned up yesterday and he took off to play, only looking for me when he needed to go to the toilet.

Today I left him there, on his little lonesome! I waited til he was busy with something, and then whispered to him that I needed to go home and feed Missy and let her have a sleep, and I’d be back when it was mat time. I waited for the water works. He turned to me, smiled and said ‘bye bye mummy’ and waved, turned around and carried on playing.

I walked off, got in the car and bawled… he didn’t need me any more *sniff*

When I got back at Mat time, he saw me, raced to me and gave me the biggest cuddle, then raced off back to the mat.

My big boy 🙂 So very proud.