Growth Hormones For Saffron

OK, I’ll start at the beginning. Plunket came today and weighed/measured the kids. (Plunket for those that don’t know is team that come and weight your kids, check that you are ok etc and know how to feed them, that sort of thing).

Master D is now 12.5 kilos (15th percentile) and 1 metre tall (89th percentile).

Missy is now 6.5 kilos (less than 3rd percentile) and 64 cm tall (less than 3rd percentile).

She started going on that Missy was so small that I needed to take her to a doc, that she needed to go onto growth hormone treatment, it would be an injection a day, and follow on care through hospitals etc.

Being the sort of mother I am, I immediately got Master D looked after and took Missy to the doc.
By the time I got there I was a mess, almost crying at the doc. I told him what she’d said and he just looked at all the measurements, and rang her and talked to her, and proceeded to tell me that she’s completely in proportion so there was no need for her to say any of that, or scare me in any way. He’s not at all concerned.
Later her manager rang me and apologised, and said she couldn’t believe that it had happened like that. ARGH!