Declan Has Croup

Ah crap. Just at Starship Hospital. Poor Master D has croup!

He’s had a dose of steroids, and very very husky this morning, if he talks or laughs and coughs and coughs, but he’s not breathing as hard where he couldn’t get his breath. Doc said 2nd and 3rd night are the worst, and takes about 5 days to clear. So i guess we’re in for crap tonight and tomorrow 🙁 I’ve got him rugged up warm, and heater on and curtains shut to keep the warmth in. Cold drinks seem to help. Pamol every 4 hours.

It was so hard last night, coz he was panicking and couldn’t take a breath and we couldn’t get him to calm down. I was so scared.

They also said that Missy could get it too!