7w3d – After scan

Well i was pretty disappointed with how the scan was done.

I’d been told by the midwife (well i rang and asked, she didn’t tell me) that we could take in a 30 min video tape and get a video of the scan, or if we didn’t we could buy one there for $20. Daddy went around to different shops to try and find a tape, but apart from a really expensive one he couldn’t find one.

When we got to the scan place we got taken through to a room with a bed on it, which the scanning machine beside it. I asked if we could please have a video, the scanner said to go to reception and buy one. Daddy went out to get it, and they told him they don’t sell tapes anymore. So we weren’t able to get a video 🙁 She did say we could take in a 1 hour one next time. She didn’t explain anything as she found it, and was only at the end she said ‘oh i suppose you’d like to know what we’re looking for?’ and then said ‘see that blinking thing, that’s the heartbeat’. I knew what i was looking for so was able to make it out, but Daddy couldn’t see it. She didn’t explain anything and was silent most of the way through, making me think the baby was dead or something….

After so looking forward to it, it was a bit of a downer.